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Rakiya* attends the Save the Children stabilisation centre with her child Saliha*aged 20 months. Rakiya* became displaced after insurgents burned down her house in Konduga, in Borno state. 

Her husband was killed in the attack. Rakiya* managed to escape with her two children, and fled to Maiduguri. 

One of Rakiya*s children then died from measles, aged just 2. She was found with her one remaining child, Saliha* , and brought to the stabilisation centre. Saliah*, is visibly malnourished – very thin, distressed and unwell. Rakiya* said she never wanted to return to Konduga. She said all she wanted was for Saliha* to be well. Doctors are treating Saliha and are hopeful that she will make a recovery.


イスラム過激派ボコ・ハラムの本拠地であるナイジェリア北東部で、幼児の急性栄養不良が続いている。国際NGOのセーブ・ザ・チルドレンは、このままでは1日に約200人の幼児が亡くなると警告する。同地域への人道支援の資金は底を尽 […]...続きを読む »