オルタナ式英単語:Social Issues and SDGs


今月はLesson8 “Corporate Social Contributions and Donations「企業の社会貢献と寄付」を取り上げます。キーワードのひとつはフィランソロピー(Philanthropy)。昨今、資本主義とのかかわりで新たな可能性を秘めた概念として注目されており、耳に入る機会もこれからさらに増えることでしょう。それぞれの領域でこの概念がどのように発展しているか、発展していきそうか、自分事にあてはめて考えてみてはいかがでしょうか。


dependence  依存

fragile   もろい、脆弱な

affected area  被災地

tailwind 追い風

degradation   悪化


Nearly 30 years have passed since the first year of philanthropy in 1990. As we move away from governmental dependence, the private sector is expected to play a greater and greater role in the public interest. Companies are encouraged to disclose, not to bury, their good actions. The concept has been changed from “Corporate Citizenship,” “Enlightened Self Interest” in the 1990s to CSR and CSV of today. Now they are increasingly required to view it in relation to their main business and think strategically.



「陰徳」は「人に知られないようにする善行」のこと。「陰徳を積む」はdo good secretlyと訳す方法もありますが、ここでは(開示との対比で)「隠す」ことに焦点をあて、bury を使いました。

Corporate Citizenshipは社会の一員としての企業の責任・義務をさします。

Enlightened Self InterestはTocquevilleによる概念で、多様な利害関係者の便益を高めていくことが、結果的に自己の財務的パフォーマンスに返ってくることを意味します。「見識ある自己利益」とも。「利他的利己主義」の考え方ですね。


With the aging population and the declining birth-rate of Japan, we could not rely on taxpayers for funds for the public interest. In this situation, more than 50,000 NPOs in the private sector serve the public interest, though their financial base is often fragile. It is essential to increase individual donations for the creation of a healthy society. Companies have also begun to increase their stakeholder participation programs. The Great East Japan Earthquake has given momentum to many individual donations.



give momentum toは「~に弾みをつける」です。

fragile は「割れもの注意」のステッカーでお馴染みのように、「壊れやすい」という意味あいです。


Today, more and more companies encourage their employees to join the volunteer. Many companies sent their employees to the affected areas to provide support for the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now they intend to allow them to participate in volunteer activities on a daily basis. In fact, some companies have incorporated volunteerism into their new employee training programs. This is because it is thought to have the following benefits: (1) learning about the needs of society and enhancing innovative thinking, (2) cultivating human sensitivity, (3) enhancing teamwork skills, and (4) gaining the empathy of young people.


今日、ますます多くの企業が社員のボランティア参加を推進しています。東日本大震災支援の際には被災地を支援すべく従業員を派遣する企業が多かったのですが、それを日常レベルで進めようという狙いです。実際、新入社員研修としてボランティアをプログラムに取り入れている企業もあります。それは、①社会のニーズを知り、イノベーティブな発想力を高める、②人間としての感性を磨く ③チームワーク力を高める、 ④若者の共感を得るなどの効果があると考えられているからです。


  benefit は「利益、恩恵」。人や社会の幸福につながる「便益」をさします。「給付金」という意味でも使われますね。動詞の意味もありますので、ぜひ辞書でご確認を。

Companies will need to clarify their perspective on how to solve social issues in the core business, obtain the understanding of both internal and external stakeholders in their social contribution activities, and increase the value of their corporate existence with an eye to stakeholder participation.



 一般に、internal stakeholderは経営者、役員会、従業員等、external stakeholderは顧客、サプライヤー、政府、社会等をさします。

Shareholders are increasingly interested in ESG investment, and this provides a tailwind for companies as they move toward the SDGs. We have entered an era in which we should consider how to make strategic contributions to society in line with management policies that further deepen our partnerships with our shareholders and other stakeholders. In addition, social issues are becoming more and more serious and complex, such as the declining birth-rate, aging population, and global environmental degradation.



ESG investmentは従来の財務情報だけでなく、環境(Environment)・社会(Social)・ガバナンス(Governance)要素も考慮した投資のこと。特に、年金基金など大きな資産を超長期で運用する機関投資家を中心に、企業経営のサステナビリティを評価するという概念が普及し、気候変動などを念頭においた長期的なリスクマネジメントや、企業の新たな収益創出の機会(オポチュニティ)を評価するベンチマークとして、国連持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)と合わせて注目されています。(ESG投資(METI/経済産業省)

in line with は「~と一致して」。

However, there is a limit to what one company can do alone. Collective philanthropy, which involves other companies, NPOs, governments, education, medical and other professional groups, and citizens, is needed. We have to be prepared to move in the direction that companies will become the core of a collective philanthropy system and that fair competition will lead to the creation of a better society.



Collective philanthropyは、単独でなく他組織・個人と専門知識を共有し、協働し、リソースを最大限に活用して社会においてフィランソロピーの理念を実現していこうとする考え方です。